LEGO® MOC Microbiological Safety Cabinet labo

LEGO® MOC Biological - Microbiological Safety Cabinet custom set with computer/monitor and keyboard arm, design Brickis.

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Models Built of LEGO® Bricks Biological Safety Cabinet custom set (MOC) Microbiological safety cabinet with display for safe working in laboratory and for increased safety and contamination protection. With computer/monitor and keyboard arm.

Who doesn't love @LEGO? Take a look at some of our completed MOC projects A Biological Safety Cabinet is a ventilated enclosure offering protection to the user, the product and the environment from aerosols arising from the handling of potentially hazardous micro-organisms.

The continuous airflow is discharged to the atmosphere via a HEPA filter. The three States of Protection Personal Protection from harmful agents within the cabinet Product Protection to avoid contamination of the samples. Environmental Protection from contaminants contained within the cabinet.

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Warning! Choking Hazard. Small parts.Not for children under 3 years. For technical documentation and conformity certification, in accordance with regulation 2019/1020 (EU) and directive 2009/48/EC please contact: The LEGO Group, Hmarksvej 8. DK-7190 Denmark.

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